Friday, March 5, 2010

More Sculptures

Project 2: Modeling, Transformation and the Surreal Project. (Additive Sculpture)

We used a product called Carton Peidra to transform an object into something surreal. What would you never combine and why, how would that change the meaning? What strange combination would make you laugh and why? Or use chance, let the object guide you. Remember you’re on a journey, you don’t need to arrive anywhere.
Left to Right: Christian’s La Fuente Original, Drue’s Grave Digger, Joseph’s There’s Always a Bigger Fish, Ruth's This Boys Life, Antonia's Nature and Nurture, Ryan's Shedding and Karen's Stock Still. In the bottom row is Jeremiah's A Babies Hunger, Malgorzata's Perfect Female, Lauren's Sir Real and Ron's Happiness.
All the photos didn't turn out so sorry if your piece is time. 

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