Friday, May 9, 2014

"Tuesday Nights" is having it's Spring Exhibition in my studio space!

“Tuesday Nights” is an Art Workshop for local creative types, facilitated by Artist Helen Wilson. Each Workshop is built around a project idea. The projects end in an exhibition. Mostly this is a way to advance creative skills while socializing with others of their artistic ilk.
At every meeting this spring a new project was introduced working with an aspect of Chance. We built Art inspired by: Fortune Cookies, The I Ching, An Artist Wheel of Fortune (created by member Marsha Cook), Rolling Dice to randomly select pages of a favorite book and work started by other members. But what really happened is that we went away and watched the Synchronicity of these inspirations appear in our own art. Each Artist was given Two 10” x 10” and Fourteen 4” x 4” blank canvases to fill.
The Artists where free to interpret the projects however their muse directed, and were free to extend themselves. There was one rule “keep a sense of play.”  The group can be seen on the blog

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