Wednesday, November 26, 2008


At 4' x 4' each, the girls are much bigger then I had imagined. I've been working on this idea of young woman's energy mixed with the horse for some time now. The first thought was that this would be an etchings...but they needed to be bigger. So I'm drawing them large for now. I'm getting there but they are not there yet. They are still hanging around fantasy to close. It's not a question of reality for these creatures do exist for me,  but in the two separate bodies. I'm not dealing with the animal nature and the higher mind of man as the Greeks put forth. For a young girl, it is being so close to such power while remaining safe and learning to control and relate in a right way. I've been a riding Instructor for years and watched young women relate and learn about power and it's relationship to them. 
I think? One never really knows.


Mr Econ said...

"Centaur Smut" by Steph Laberis

I saw this painting and thought of you. I love this website. What is your general opinion of these digital art programs?

helen said...

Cool site. I'm not looking for that kind of sexuality for them. It's an inside thing, not an outer appeal. The girls are discovering, but themselves. At risk of sounding pat, they are discovering their inner masculinity through contact with the horse.

Mr Econ said...

I don't see them as erotic. The girl on the left, to me, feels either conceited or insecure. Or conceited because she is insecure… certainly powerful and her horse body feels relatively protestant. And the red girl. You know how some people seem totally insecure and apologetic and some people seem pretentious... then others (who are so great they could be conceited) just act cool, content, and comfortable. The red girl feels, to me, like she is alpha but personable. Very strong but relatable and easy to know. Her horse body feels gingerly behemoth.

Something that occurred to me during college while in a British lit course… Our critical analysis of the pieces seemed so vain and presumptuous. The more we concluded about a piece the more irritated I felt the heir of the author become. How do you know these girls?

helen said...

I'm glad you don't see them as erotic. So many people cant tell the difference between personal sensuality and advertising sexuality.
I know them because I've been teaching horseback-riding to mostly girls for over thirty years now.
It has always seemed to me that what was being learned was not simply how to perform at a horse show. The greater lessons were how to deal with an-others energy in a way that benefits both entities.
Just a small part of what has been going through me mind...