Wednesday, February 4, 2009

More babies to rattle

With five rattles done and a few more underconstruction, i'm starting to get clearer on a few things. They need special boxes, special homes to rest in and creation myths and stories to be told over and about them. So if something comes to anyone, if they tell you something that they have not told me yet, feel free to pass it on. 
The white ones are the new ones and after they get back from the oven i'll start figuring out what else they need. 


Sharon Anderson said...

hi H --here at Sharon's looking at your expertise.
x, L & S

lyn said...

Hey! Good to see you out in the blogosphere!

Mr Econ said...

A creation story...


1. In the beginning there was Pigasus.
2. He was hot, dripping with His own filth, devouring, and lazy. His wings grew small from atrophy in proportion to His belly growing large from lust.
3. His eyes in a glaze, He bellowed a flowery and hypnotic frenzy to the spirit animals o’er whom He presided. Anesthetized by His diction, the spirit folk trod after Pigasus with impulsive joy.
4. Upon reaching the edge of Zion, He turned to face His obedient progeny. And they were afraid and cried unto Him for mercy. Then the Great Pig swallowed the spirit animals up.
5. The spirit animals dwelt in the belly of the Great Pig for three days and three nights. Though, the passion of the swallowed ne’r governs in favor of the swallower. With jealous attention, the spirit animals partook of and discarded the monstrous idol.
6. Out of the belly of the beast they howled; they the vigilant, the active, and the brave.

helen said...

Ok, but I don't have a Pegasus or a Pig and I'm fairly sure you are not referring to the rattles.

How are ya doing? How is the life of leisure or are you back to work yet? Damm if you do dammed if you don't.
We planted fruit trees yesterday.

Mr Econ said...

So I 'started' writing it for the rattles… me thinks it turned into a little Freudian cluster f$%# not too far into the process. No, I’m not working. I do have an interview with the University of Phoenix on Thursday, though. I want to get my foot into academia so bad. Cross your fingers. What kind of trees did you plant? I’m a fruit tree pruning connoisseur, so in a few years I got your back.