Sunday, July 4, 2010

New Sculpture: Louie

The new sculpture Louie was excepted into American Art Collector.
Welcome to my world Louie and congrads.
If you must know... Louie was the name I gave to my stuffed lion, he was given to me in hospital when I was burned at 2. I went every where with him.
He was lost in the Cedar Fire when I lost my home and studio.
Came with a fire and left in a fire.

The rest?


Susan Bainbridge said...

YeeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwww! (That's a rebel yell I learnt back in the South). Tell us more!

Wendy Willis said...

I am in this book too with a reduction linocut called "Under the Radar." We rock!

wilson said...

I like his glasses and the colors on his head. Where did the glasses come from?

helen said...

Cool Wendy, beautiful piece, there is no doubt they have taste!

Kyle I got the glasses from Lynn's (a friend) granddaughter. She had a bunch of old doll parts and told her Grandma to give them to me to build my strange sculptures with. It's a fun box of stuff.

More Susan? I was thinking about composite creatures in relationship to myths, mixed with how my childhood toy was a part of me. So a sphinx came to mind.

The Barbie? Still don't know if she is going in or coming out.