Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Project 4: Mold Making, (Replacement Method)

I know the semester is over but I had to share this project!

Project Description: The project concept is personal identity and the aesthetics of  duplication. What does it mean to be masked? What do you identify with? Who is your shadow self?
The cast is just a starting point. So once you have casted your face you have just begun. We will be using Alginate to cast a portion of your face. After we cast we then cast from this mold in wax were you will rework it into a mask; other things can be added at this point. From this we will make a ceramic shell mold, which  we will cast in either Bronze or Aluminum.


Wendy Willis said...

Wow!!! These are amazing. Great project. Can you do it in a workshop or does it take a long time?

helen said...

Ya this project took the most time. No way to do in a workshop and you need a foundry. Ya I thought they did amazing work also. None had done it before and it had a lot of steps.