Friday, September 9, 2011

Feed back on the discrepancy Show in Napa.

Describing Discrepancy

Mark Van Proyen

Helen Wilson’s grouping of recent images titled Boys Playing Martyrs and Infidels Playing Cowboys and Indians seems to reach for the core of the matter, as if to say that the impulse to enact violent struggle lay within the deep psychological make-up of the human male. It seems to have the right kind of psychological distance for the way that we experience real conflict via mediated images, and it invites an ambiguous multi-dimensional reading that might be taken as a universalist apology for the bad decisions leading up to our troubled times.

Pagan Brooke
What an honor to see your drawings at the Napa Museum yesterday.
They were profoundly articulate, layered and powerful. The drawings them selves of course are stunning, but the way they told the story and carried the concepts was provoking and urgent. Thank you for a great experience.

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