Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Her she comes...

She is changing, this Siren.
It's sometimes, as if I'm getting to know someone.
I think this is a room not just one painting. Well I know it's more than one's left behind things.
It's trading cards. I'll give you this if you give me that.
Jose and Brian isnt childhood kind of a no-mans land?
Everybody wants it, while nobody claims it.
It seems to me that we value the idea of children far more then children.
Maybe it's more about making and storing memories.
We like it in memory, so safe and warm.
But it's late and I'm just going on.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Naomi CarletonI love this train of thought. There is so much that is given up. Feeling secure without the knowledge of evil in the world and the fear of it. Comfort and peace with one's body...Susan Bainbridge

I am glad you are continuing to explore this issue.... would be nice if you could make an impact. Nice drawing and snakes!Maria Hennig
I loved the movie 'Hound Dog' and the layers of meaning. your drawing represents what made me sad about the story - the little girl pushed into growing up too fast and (I think) the wrong way...Kyle The cliché letter from Paul to Corinth is what comes, immediately, to mi mente. What does putting away childishness mean? What is the difference between childish and child like? … light hearted and light minded? There is too much ambiguity in the idea to make any absolute assertation, at all. I truly believe that there is an inherent error in any culture that presumes adults are, innately, any different than children. Add insult to injury by implying that adults are better, in any way shape or form. Let whatever God may be help me, should I ever deliberately leave anything at that altar. Is it too hard for people to suppose that in the universe adults and children exist on the same plane? I venture to submit that an infinite number of adults leave their desire to learn and create (which are synonymous), unsuspectingly, as an offering at the shrine of the quasi noble designation of “grown-up.” I know that’s a tangent and perhaps I’m too arrogant and not introspective enough to realize what I’ve sacrificed, but I suggest that our egos have the resolve to recover whatever it is we stand to lose. And that makes me happy.

Great, just the comments I'm looking for. I need to really think on this one. I want an altar and things left behind. At this stage the sleeping girls are gone and the siren is changing. I used clear gesso first, because in the end I want to leave the painting unfinished looking. Because yes Kyle it doesn't need to be this way.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Altar of Adulthood

After a pretty intense nightmare and the movie Hound-dog...I got to thinking.
It's a long way from thought out and is not a completely new vein for me, but...
Who and what are the Sirens of Adulthood. What did we leave at the altar of childhood?
What are the costs of coming into your own body in a society that tends to always view anything sensual as sexual advance. Were personal desire is transfered to the object of the desire even before the object has become aware of an another.
What did you give up too easily to the siren call of adulthood?


Eden is the next in the nieces and nephews series.
The photo is picked and the canvas is ready.
I think she needs an animal with her,
but I don't know what yet.
Any suggestions?