Friday, March 21, 2014

The Progress of the two Nieces

I thought you might like these progress photos. Neither are finished, Eden needs the book the chair and her overall flesh still needs to be finished. Her hair will have more detail and will be darker. The light was different each time I photographed with my phone camera, so. I'm loving the background color which is really closer to the second to the last one. The eyes need more work and the flesh is just beginning to layer up and tone correctly.
 Korynne is so close but going through a big change. I loved the halo but wanted it to fade back. I played with several background colors and picked this muted pink with the lighter halo. It needs at least four more layer to get the effect I want. Her skin has warmed up nicely needs a little more pinking and more depth in the eyes. Her hair needs the same as Eden's. More detail and darker. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

How would it be to claim time devoted solely to your art this year?

A Mixed Media Expressive Arts Retreat for Women
June 19-25, 2014
Sicily, Italy

As we grow and change, so do the images that keep 
us engaged with our artistic process.  We might be 
able to move forward and continue making art, but at 
some point artists have to STOP, step out of everyday 
life and become fully present with their art making 
process for it to thrive.

There is a relationship inherent in making art that requires tending and nurturing.
The Terreno Concept:
Together, we will work with the Italian wine making 
concept of terreno, as we apply it to the creative process.  

Terreno: /ter' reno/ adj  sense of place, personal 
connection with the earth, being present. 

Italian wine tasters define terreno as specificity of 
place affecting the character, quality, and personality, 
of the wine.

Specifically,  we will explore how making art, sleeping 
and eating among Racalia's olive groves, woodland 
and English Garden informs our art making while 
forging a deeper connection with our own sense of 
place, our own personal terreno and how that effects 
our art's color, character and personality. 

It is from this knowledge, this ability to stay present, that authentic art comes.

Between meandering walks, delicious Italian meals 
and refreshing swims in the Italian countryside you 
will be collecting inspiration, moving with your art and 
engaging in dialogue with your imagery.

This artistic dance is primary to all art yet is often left unattended. 

Decompress and renew your personal artistic identity.  
Begin a dialog with your images as companions.

In the end you will leave with helpful expressive arts 
processes, tools and mixed media techniques to 
continue taking your art to a new level.

We would love to have a personal phone call with 
you to clarify or answer any questions.
Pamela:  Click Here to schedule a convenient time to chat 
Helen: Click Here to schedule a convenient time to chat 

We look forward to exploring with you how this time, 
devoted to your art, would enhance all aspects of your life!

Pamela and Helen

Pamela Underwood, BFA, MA

Helen Wilson, BA, MFA