Friday, July 27, 2012

The Fetus's become animated

This project really makes me feel like a creator.
So all the waxes come from the same mold and it is time to give them all alittle personality.

These last weeks have been about that.
The arms had to be separated from the chest.
Hands needed to be reconstructed and the eyes needed to be deepened to leave room for the resin that will come once they are bronzed.

Next their loads need to be constructed.
Just perchased the silicone for more molds.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Palomar Sculpture Class to start in August.

Funnest Class I every taught!


It’s Time to register for Fall Classes at Palomar.  Enrollment began July 5th.
I am teaching Art 260 Sculpture I, Art 261 Sculpture II and Art 255 Foundry Techniques Sculpture II this fall. If you have not taken a sculpture class with me before you are in for a treat. It will be fun and challenging (In the right way).
The sculpture program at Palomar aims to introduce students to diverse ways of thinking about and making 3-D Contemporary Visual Art through design and fabrication of expressive three-dimensional forms and exploration of both historical and contemporary sculptural materials with emphasis on 20th Century models of expression.
Art 260 Sculpture I is a Mixed Media class, which will cover Carving, Modeling, Molding, Assemblage and Replacement Methods. If you have never worked with 3 dimensions before the Sculpture 260 is built for you. This is the place to challenge both your creative mind and spirit while gathering new techniques. This class is designed to introduce the student to the world of art in the round.
Art 261 Sculpture II is designed to increase the knowledge base for the student in both the technique and concept of sculpture as an art form. This class values and emphasizes creative risk taking, experimentation, exploration, individuality and critical thinking. Class projects stress the importance of an integrated approach to the development of technical, expressive and conceptual skills in relation to our contemporary society.
Art 255 Foundry Techniques Sculpture II is the class to enroll in if you have already taken a Foundry Class and want to further your skills. The Palomar Foundry works in both Bronze and Aluminum.
All three classes are Mon-Wed 11-1:50PM. Enroll early to insure placement. Register either online or at the main campus in 1140 West Mission Road, San Marcos. If you have admissions questions call 760-744-1150 ext. 2160 for recorded information or ext. 2164 for assistance.

P.S. They have made some changes in the enrollment process so be patient or call them up.