Monday, April 5, 2010

Project 3: Hyper Realism Carving Project (Subtractive Sculpture)

Using polyurethane foam the project is to replicate an object as accurately as possible by copying the shape, proportions, color and texture of the object.  The light weight  quality and history of foam added content to many of the objects. i.e. a rock is normally heavy and a tool is useless in foam. They were asked to think about simulation, were does real begin?
Right to left:Barbara's fake of a fake book, Drue's strawberry candle, Rose's Fantastick, Ruth's glass pear, Gosia's souvenir horse, Liz's antler, Karen's rock, Ryan's Counterfeit drug bottles,  Marc's Pair "O" Hammers, Mateo's  spray can, Ron's ukulele and Antonia's R.I.P. pillow.